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Back from the Dead! Introducing Brioni Faith - Industrial Cyber Artist

Back from the Dead!  Introducing Brioni Faith. If it looked like I vanished off the Earth - that is because I took a couple of years off blogging to focus on studying.  I spent 2 years at Vision College and focused on Software Engineering and Web Design.  I am super geeky now!  And THIS year I have been super lazy! LOL  I have been enjoying watching Stranger Things (among other things).

Last Friday I thought I would look up Industrial Dance on YouTube - just 'cos...  And discovered Brioni Faith.  I love her Style and the style of dance seems like it is easy to master.  (easier than Dubstep).

Brioni Faith
So - what can I tell you about Brioni?  Well she was born in New Zealand - so straight away we have a connection. Currently she is living in Australia on the Gold Coast.  Which is a no-brainer when it comes to promoting music and glorious sunshine.

The style of music is labelled trance, electro and industrial but I call it EDM or futuristic.  It will really get your heart pumpin…

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