World Cosplay Summit 2014 winners

In Nagoya, cosplayers represent 26 countries at the World Cosplay Summit.

World Cosplay Summit 2014

Cosplayers work very hard to create their costumes and re-enact the scenes.  Lots of different textiles are used to create the look of their favourite character.  My favourite winning cosplay was from Team Indonesia.  Mostly because I love Armour in cosplay.  Most armour is made from worbla.  As you can see there is a lot of detail on these costumes.  However as these cosplayers are very young it is possible they had family and friends to collaborate with and create these costumes.

Cyperius Award (best wig) - Team Spain
DoCoMo Award - Team Korea
Joysound Award (best sound effects) - Team Indonesia
Brother Award - Team Denmark
Nico Nico Award (audience awards) - Team Mexico
LIVEDAM Award (best performance) - Team Italy

3rd Place - Team Indonesia

World Cosplay Summit 2014
From the city of Yogyakarta, Dharma cosplayed as Oda Nobunaga and Ryan was Akechi Samanosuke with a performance from Onimusha 3. 

2nd Place - Team Italy

World Summit Cosplay 2014
Nadia and Gabriella play Naegino Sora and Rosetta from Kaleido Star.

1st Place - Team Russia (Congrats!)

World Summit Cosplay 2014
Nek and Nichi from Russia win first place as Princess Zelda and Link.

These were the winning performances that impressed the judges and audience:


Team Russia - First place winner, Princess Zelda and Link cosplay

Team Italy - Second place winner, Kaleido Star cosplay

Team Indonesia - Third place winner, Onimusha 3 cosplay

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Happy Cosplaying!

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