Back from the Dead! Introducing Brioni Faith - Industrial Cyber Artist

Back from the Dead!  Introducing Brioni Faith.

If it looked like I vanished off the Earth - that is because I took a couple of years off blogging to focus on studying.  I spent 2 years at Vision College and focused on Software Engineering and Web Design.  I am super geeky now!  And THIS year I have been super lazy! LOL  I have been enjoying watching Stranger Things (among other things).

Last Friday I thought I would look up Industrial Dance on YouTube - just 'cos...  And discovered Brioni Faith.  I love her Style and the style of dance seems like it is easy to master.  (easier than Dubstep).

Brioni Faith

So - what can I tell you about Brioni?  Well she was born in New Zealand - so straight away we have a connection. Currently she is living in Australia on the Gold Coast.  Which is a no-brainer when it comes to promoting music and glorious sunshine.

The style of music is labelled trance, electro and industrial but I call it EDM or futuristic.  It will really get your heart pumping and your palms sweaty.  You almost feel invincible.  This is just the type of music that will psyche me up before Gaming.  And if you need to let off some steam then this style of dance is fairly easy to master.

Brioni also has some tutorial videos on how to dance.  Most of her music videos feature International Industrial dancers.  They are the elite of the elite!

Check out Brioni Faith for yourself and buy her tracks on iTunes.


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Happy Cosplaying!!

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