Lionhearted by Porter Robinson features Harajuku fashion and cosplay

Filmed in LA - Elleanor who operates a Harajuku fashion blog from Tokyo features in Porter Robinson's latest music video.

Elleanor's latest vlog:

At just 19 years of age Elleanor has travelled from Japan to LA to feature in and style the Harajuku models in the music video.  A wonderful opportunity and a great opportunity to promote Harajuku fashion in the US.

Elleanor works in the heart of Harajuku in two fashion shops.  She is a great ambassador for Japan and is influencing the Harajuku fashion trend currently growing.

Porter Robinson is a DJ and producer from the US who began producing at the age of 12.  His first official release was in 2010 "Say my Name" which was a No.1 on the house charts.  He then released an EP Spitfire which also reached No.1 in the house and dance charts.  In early 2013 he released the single "Easy" which came with an animated video:

The video follows a pop star by the name of Maki. She ignores her manager's attempts to contact her, and then she leaves her apartment complex on a motorcycle, with a large duffel bag. After she has driven a certain distance onto the highway out of the city, she activates it, which causes what would appear to be a large expanding dome of light, possibly an explosion. She calmly and happily waits for the dome to catch up with her after it has consumed the city, and is then floating in a white void in a different art style. Then she appears riding a bicycle amid peaceful scenery matching a photo seen earlier in the video. The video contains many references to the classic anime film Akira. Some are visual, such as the light paths left by motorcycles, but there is at least one plot reference in the form of the explosion that consumes the city.

Worlds is his first studio made album.

Visit iTunes to download Worlds by Porter Robinson:

Japanese Street Fashion



Happy Cosplaying!

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