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Yaya Han talks Cosplay

Yaya Han is a professional cosplayer, artistic model and costume designer based in the United States. 

Yaya Han as Jessica Rabbit below

Yaya is a regular judge at Cosplay Cons (as in Conventions). 

Yaya was featured on the Syfy channel's Heroes of Cosplay.   This show has not aired in New Zealand.  But for me I guess I am happy if Cosplay has grown enough in popularity to warrant a reality TV show.  Regardless of any negative comments surrounding this I still think it's good publicity for the hobby.

Yaya appeared as a guest judge on another TBS reality show King of the Nerds.

Yaya used to work as a technical analyst for a software company, but now gets booked to appear at events and sells calendars and prints of herself in costume, as well as operating her own store of handmade cosplay products. She no longer competes in cosplay contests, and instead chooses to serve as a panelist and judge for them.

Yaya's brand new website is about to be launched!

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